The Animal Friends People's Choice Award

Welcome to the ANIMAL FRIENDS People’s Choice Awards Page. This is a unique opportunity for you to become part of our excellent judging panel and choose your favourite pic from our finalists of the 2022 competition. Why on earth would you want to bother with voting for a People’s Choice Award, I hear you asking, well, I have an answer…YOU MIGHT WIN £250!! Yahooo yup!!! Once you vote (with giving us your name and email address of course!) you enter a prize draw and the lucky winner will waltz off into the sunset with the cash. (T&C's apply)

So make a cup of tea, pop your judging hat on, maybe grab a pencil and pad...and settle down to a few minutes of light relief, enjoying the amazing photos of the incredible pets that we are lucky enough to have in our lives!!  Good Luck!

Also, if you have moment, do go and check out Animal Friends