Closing Date
May 31st 2017

Welcome to the Comedy Pet Photography Awards 2017

Closing Date May 31st 2017

It is quite amazing how many of us have pets. We have dogs, cats, fish, chickens, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, horses, donkeys, snakes and some people even have llamas as pets and why do we have them as pets? Company, fun, exercise, but whatever the reason we love them.  We love them when they look at us lovingly asking us to take them for a walk, feed them whatever the reason and boy do we take pictures of them. Yup, we have an ancient cat called Ronaldo (don't ask please and blame The Pooch (my wife – its her cat) who loves sitting in the fireplace the morning after a fire, so obviously I take a picture. (One day I am convinced he is going to combust spontaneously, hope not.)

We want to see all your funny pet pictures; cats doing mad things, odd horses or perhaps your python eating your hamster (no sorry that wouldn't be funny…) The judges are looking for excellent quality photographs, photographed with creativity, fun and photographic excellence.

We enjoy animals doing funny things, but please note, most importantly we love animals. So we are really strict about any bad animal treatment, so, we wont accept any images of any pets wearing clothes, or using props which aren’t naturally in their lives. Eg no dogs wearing caps and sunglasses, not good. Nope, so find that amazing photo you know you have and enter it. Who knows, you could become the INAUGURAL COMEDY PET PHOTOGRAPHER and win an awesome trophy, a spectacular cash prize as well as the kudos of being an award winning photographer.

Good luck! (and tell your friends!)

Paul and Tom


Animal Welfare Partner (UK)


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