Image from Comedy Pet Photography Awards
Image from Comedy Pet Photography Awards
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yellow paw Welcome to the 2021 Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards


We’re back for a brand-new spanking Awards - Woohoo!! and can’t wait to get stuck in.  Last year, you and your pets, did yourselves proud and we received thousands of fabulous, hilarious images that keeping us giggling and tittering and busy for the whole summer!

So - 2021, a new year (Hurray!!), a new beginning, a new competition and a new competition partner – drum roll please! 

This year, we are over the moon to be working with 

Animal Friends Insurance

They are definitely the bee’s knees or even the cat’s whiskers of the pet insurance world, plus they have donated millions to hundreds of animal welfare and conservation charities around the world - WOW!!  So please go check them out here.  And, through their sponsorship of the competition, we have come together to support an incredible and awesome community-based charity called:

Animal Support Angels

They are small, grass roots organisation with a hugely important role of helping other charities and families in need to feed their pets alongside providing vital wellbeing services and we can’t wait to get behind them and push them straight into the spotlight!  If you want to know more, please go to their website and make a difference!

That’s it for now, except to say we've kept the entry fees same as last year, £1.95 for one image or video, £5 for 5 images or videos and for £10 - a whopping 15 images or videos for a chance to win a humungus £2000 and for your pet to become hugely famous and adored the world over!

Let the fun begin…and GOOD LUCK!!!

Paul, Tom and Michelle and the whole Comedy Pet Family.