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yellow paw 2023 Competition is OPEN!!


Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!!  We are soooo pleased to see you here....if you happen to have wandered onto our page by accident, then even better!  It was meant to be.  Especially if you are looking for some happy, positive, feel good nonesense, then you're in the right place, this is exactly what we're about.  

We are a global funny pet photo and video competition and our mission (BIG word) is to promote positive awareness of animal welfare issues and celebrate - hip hip hooray..the incredible and hugely valuable contribution that pets can and do have on our lives.  They keep us fit, sane and grounded.  They listen to us when no one else does, they know how to cheer us up and will do anything for us (unless we're talking about cats but they have special super powers of their own that we dare not talk about)  Through the wonders of photography and film, we want to share the hilarious expressions, antics and naughty capers that your joyous pets get up to and share the love and laughter with the world!  

This is where you come in.  We want to see your funny photos or videos of your furry, feathery pet legends, so if you have any knocking about, then please enter them now, it's not complicated.  Click the boxes above, add your email address and then you're on the way.  There is a small fee to enter (unless you are entering the JUNIOR category) that means we can offer a £500 cash prize to the OVERALL Winner, plus a beautiful bespoke trophy and a fabulous Speedtop Crossbody Bag from the awesome team at ThinkTANK.

Closing date is June 18th, don't leave it to the last minute, and if you want to be kept updated on all important stuff pet wise, follow us on our socials or click the link above for our mildly informative newsletters, that we send out occasionally, when we remember.  In the meantime, if you want a giggle and to see what happened last year - all the 2022 prize winners are on the Gallery Page


Good Luck!!