Image from Comedy Pet Photography Awards
Image from Comedy Pet Photography Awards
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yellow paw Welcome to the 2021 Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards


Thank you so much to all of you who entered your brilliant photos and videos this year, to help us celebrate our amazing pets!  We have loved seeing them and now have the luscious task of sorting through them all, with the odd tea and ginger nut break in between of course, to suss out the 40 Finalists for 2021!   These will be announced on 29th September and then it is up to our incredible judges to do their stuff and pick out their favourites, culminating in the Category Winner's and Overall Winner's announcement on November 24th!  

This year, we are over the moon to be working with 

Animal Friends Insurance

They are definitely the bee’s knees or even the cat’s whiskers of the pet insurance world, plus they have donated millions to hundreds of animal welfare and conservation charities around the world - WOW!!  So please go check them out here.  And, through their sponsorship of the competition, we have come together to support an incredible and awesome community-based charity called:

Animal Support Angels

They are small, grass roots organisation with a hugely important role of helping other charities and families in need to feed their pets alongside providing vital wellbeing services and we can’t wait to get behind them and push them straight into the spotlight!  If you want to know more, please go to their website and make a difference!

Thanks for supporting us and being part of the 2021 Awards.

Paul, Tom and Michelle and the whole Comedy Pet Family.