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If you would like to talk to someone about the competition, maybe even interview the Founders - Paul and Tom or perhaps get your paws on some of the hilarious images for press use, then please ping an email at [email protected] – one of our vast team of trained email readers and responders will get back to you as soon as they possibly can.

Make sure you say hi to Paul, or Tom, or Michelle.  They all like that. And ask them how their weekend was?  They like that even more.

Here are some extremely grown up figures of our amazing coverage from the last competition and a list of the publications and news outlets that it was featured in:

Featured in:

Daily Mail Online, Daily Telegraph Online/print, Daily Star, Daily Express Yahoo News, Insider, BoredPanda, Daily Record, Flipboard, Daily Mirror, Lorraine ITV, Seriously Photography, DIY Photography, iTech news, Nat Geo, Science et Avenir, Oest France, The World News, Le Point, BildDerFrau and many, many more!