Competition categories

Competition Categories

So listen up, if you pay £5 you can enter 5 fabulous images or videos, if you have paid £10 you can enter 15 extraordinary images or videos, and lets say you find just one more image, then you can enter that one too, it’s all so simple, just pay an extra £1.95 (not even the price of a coffee) for an extra single image. 

Remember everyone, no clothes, hats or glasses on any pets or domestic creatures please and always be aware of how you are treating your pet, it is so so important to take great care of them, thank you.

They can all be in one category, or in a mixture of categories, totally up to you. One last thing, whatever you do don't panic about whether or not you have got the image in the correct category. If the picture is awesome but you have put your dog picture in the cat category, (why you would do that i don't know, but just saying,) we will shift the picture into the right category ourselves. We are nice like that.

So here are the categories:

DOGS: Our Best Friends

Just the dogs we hear you say? Well, in a nutshell, or a bone, yes.  This category is your dog category, or as wikipedia says ‘a domesticated carnivorous mammal that typically has a long snout, an acute sense of smell and a barking, howling or whining voice’.  Thank you Wikipedia, and hopefully that clears up this category for you owners out there. We know you love your dogs, as us lot do, so find that hilarious image and get it in.

CATS: Our Fabulous Feline Friends

It was once said “In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods, they have not forgotten this.” Which is true, they do rule the roost. They certainly do in our houses anyway. We love our cats and love it when they deign to love us too, and thankfully they do provide us with lots of entertainment. So drop your lovely cat picture here.

The Mighty Horse

We totally and utterly love horses, but know absolutely nothing about them. Paul was popped onto a horse as a youngster and promptly fell off, Tom just looks at them and they run off terrified, but we think Michelle might have an equine gift going on, but we are waiting on that one. Horses are so full of character and expression, so we know you love (and are probably way more effective with horses than we are) your horses, so pop the happy funny prancing, dancing, laughing, snorting horse images here.

All Other Creatures Great and Small

There are many creatures out there which we have as pets. Tom really wanted a pot-bellied pig as a pet when he was as boy, but his parents said that one chubby, stinky, slimy, farty pig in the house at a time was enough, sorry Tom. We know you all have a whole plethora of creatures which aren't in the previously mentioned categories, so you drop the images in here.

Pets who look like their owners

Now this is for the bold, the brave, the fearless, and the ones with a sense of humour.  Not that the rest of the entrants won’t have a sense of humour, given the nature of the competition, but we really hope that out there, in the great wide pet world, there are a number of you that see some kind of resemblance between you and your most trusted furry (or scaly / feathered etc etc)  friend.  This could be the category of all categories…. here at the HQ of the Comedy Pet Photo Awards we are all holding our breath in anticipation.


Always got to have a junior category.  Why? Because it gets kids into photography, and we love that, and given this is a competition with a strong animal protection slant it also gets kids to think a bit about why its good to be kind to animals and why it is bad to be cruel to animals.  So this one is for those who are 16 or under by 24th May 2022. Also, let's be honest, kids have phones and phones have cameras and kids know how to work these phones super fast compared to anyone else above the age of about 20.

Awesome Video Clip of Your Pet

Listen carefully; this is the category where you can enter video clips and each one can be no more than 15 seconds. They should be a maximum resolution of 1080p HD at 30fps with a maximum file size of 70MB but any resolution below that is acceptable too, so in layman’s terms, just editing your video on your phone and you can enter it. Videos will be uploaded to Vimeo which accepts most major and popular video types. Please check the Vimeo website if you have any questions. Please do not add music, captions or anything like that to the video (don't worry about peoples voices that's ok), but do make sure you edit it as judiciously (look it up, that's what Google is for) as possible. Edit it, it will increase your chance of success in the competition and the chances of the clip going viral, oh yeah, don't forget that bit!! Check out our little “Top Tips On How To Edit Your Video Clip On Your Phone” on the video submission page.