Closing Date
May 31st 2017

Entering the Comedy Pet Photography Awards

Competition Categories

You can enter a total of up to 4 images - that's it, no more.

They can all be in one category, or in a mixture of categories, but the total number of images across all categories must not exceed 4.

Open - anyone can enter any pet pictures

Yes, the big open category, for all of you with pets that perform when the camera is on them. Anything is allowed here, except for a few things…. the animals have to be in their natural outfits, no extra sunglasses, hats, cloaks, trousers or jump suits.  Just the animal, being funny, without the props.

Junior - the photographer has to be under 15 years old by Jan 1st 2017

Always got to have a junior category.  Why? Because it gets kids into photography, and we love that, and given this is a competition with a strong animal protection slant it also gets kids to think a bit about why its good to be kind to animals and why its bad to be cruel to animals.  So this one is for those who are 15 or under by January 1st 2017.

Ancients - the photographer has to be older than 70 years old by 1st Jan 2017

(*this is a completely new category in photo comps and we thought great fun!)

Apologies to those that don’t like to be referred to as ancient, but both Paul and Tom have felt that this category would actually be one that would appeal to the more experienced, knowledgeable, learned and wise members of our society.  They also have had pets for longer than the other participants, so technically they may have more pictures to enter!

Pets who look like their owners

Now this is for the bold, the brave, the fearless, and the ones with a sense of humour.  Not that the rest of the entrants won’t have a sense of humour, given the nature of the competition, but we really hope that out there, in the great wide pet world, there are a number of you that see some kind of resemblance between you and your most trusted furry (or scaly / feathered etc etc)  friend.  This could be the category of all categories…. here at the HQ of the Comedy Pet Photo Awards we are all holding our breath in anticipation.

Gone to the Dogs

Just the dogs you we hear you say? Well, in a nutshell, or a bone, yes.  This category is your dog category, or as wikipedia says ‘a domesticated carnivorous mammal that typically has a long snout, an acute sense of smell and a barking, howling or whining voice’.  Thank you Wikipedia, and hopefully that clears up this category for you owners out there.