Category Prizes

First of all - if you win one of the prestigious categories, then you can say you are an "Award Winning Photographer"!!! How about that? And, more importantly, your pet can proudly strut the title of "Award Winning Pet" which is pretty impressive!! (trust us - life will never be the same) and... if that isn’t enough, you will also receive a Comedy Pets goodie bag, full of - well goodies, plus a beautiful bona fide certificate that you can frame and hang on your wall for all your friends to see!

The Overall Winner of the Comedy Pet Photo Award will win a huge £2,000!

That’s right – plain and simple, you’ll receive a stack of hard loot, moola, dosh to spend on whatever you like.  Perhaps a new collar for the dog, or a spacious tank for the fish or why not treat yourself to a new camera, now that your work has been recognised by a very, very prestigious and awesome photography competition, you definitely deserve it!

In addition, you will also receive a beautiful certificate officially pronouncing you as the undisputed OVERALL WINNER of 2022!