Charities We're Supporting in 2022

In 2022, thanks to our wonderful competition partners Animal Friends, we were able to support three amazing charities to the tune of £10,000 each! And while we’re at it, a HUGE thank you to all of you who have entered or are about to enter your funny images and videos. Because of you, the brilliant charities below will be able to do what they do best and save lots more animals from a life of suffering. Thank you.

Dean Farm Trust

Dean Farm Trust

Dean Farm Trust is a registered charity and animal sanctuary, providing a home for life to abandoned, neglected, abused and unwanted animals in need. Set in 62 acres of beautiful countryside, Dean Farm Trust is home to 200 rescued residents.

To donate to this charity, please visit their website 

Facebook -
Instagram - @dean_farm_trust
Twitter - @deanfarmtrust

London Inner City Kitties

London Inner City Kitties (L.I.C.K.) 

London Inner City Kitties is a no-kill charity, predominantly based in East and North London. Established in 2018 by cat lovers with years of rescue experience, our goal is to rescue and protect kitties in need. For many city kitties, L.I.C.K. is their last resort. We specialise in helping overlooked kitties, those that require medical care, and long-term fostering. We are entirely volunteer run, supported by a network of fosterers who help kitties regain their confidence and bring them back to health. Our operational costs are covered by our trustees and volunteers, so all of our donations go towards caring for our kitties and veterinary bills. 

L.I.C.K.'s vision:

  • A loving home for every inner-city kitty
  • No feral cats foraging for food
  • No pets abandoned, or living in danger on the streets

How L.I.C.K. helps London cats

  • Taking in abandoned pets, neutering, microchipping, providing medical care and rehoming them
  • Trapping feral cats and rehoming them in safer rural areas with the help of partnering charities
  • Encouraging pet owners that neutering is the best decision for their cats
  • Rehoming cats whose owners have passed or are unable to provide them care 

To find out more go to:

To donate and support, go to Paypal:

Or follow them on:

Instagram @londoninnercitykitties
Facebook: @LondonInnerCityKitties

Wild at Heart Foundation

Wild at Heart Foundation

Our vision

Wild at Heart Foundation want to end the suffering of stray dogs all over the world. We believe that each and every rescue dog deserves the chance to live a healthy, happy life, free from the threat of pain, suffering, cruelty or neglect.

Our Mission

We are working to compassionately reduce the world’s 600 million stray dog population.  We do this through rescue, adoption & sterilisation projects, and awareness and education campaigns.

We fund and support projects all over the world, focusing on areas where the need is particularly great.

Our Ethos

We champion compassion and collaboration; we believe that there is power in kindness and community, and that by working together towards a common goal, we can help make the world a better, kinder place.  That is why we are so excited to be partnering with both Animal Friends and Comedy Pets as part of this year’s Awards. Every photo or video entered will help end the suffering of dogs around the world, without your support we can’t do the work we do.

If you would like to donate to Wild at Heart Foundation, please go to:

Or follow them on their social channels:

Instagram: @wild_at_heart_foundation
Twitter: @_WAHF