Gallery of 2024 Finalists

Vera Faupel with “Dancing Queen”
Kenichi Morinaga with “Cat in a trap. Like Super Mario”
Chantal Sammons with “Um excuse me”
Sylvia Michel with “Everybody was Kung Fu fighting”
Atsuyuki Ohshima with “Hard workers”
Sarah Haskell with “Not just for cats”
Kazutoshi Ono with “Tarzan”
Sylvia Michel with “Peek a boo”
David Kertzman with “What am I thinking ?”
Philippa Huber with “It's behind you”
Kenichi Morinaga with “You didn't hear this from me”
Luiza Ribeiro with “Grumpy Dog”
Atsuyuki Ohshima with “Kitty in the kitchen”
Silvia Jiang with “who are you”
Julia Illig with “Curls in the wind”
Charlotte Kitchen with “Tired Donkey”
Yasudu Aburanekomaru with “You keep watch”
Bernard Sim with “Peekaboo”
Emma Beardsmore with “Nosey Neighbours”
Vittorio Ricci with “Belly dancer Style”
Jonathan Casey with “New Rose”
Anna Petro with “Really!!”
Julie Smith with “I believe I can fly”
Tomoaki Tanto with “Kitten stuck in traffic”
Debby Thomas with “I think I saw a mouse”
Tammo Zelle with “It's fu cold”
Alina Vogel with “Sun lover”
Diann C. Johnson with “Pool Friends”
Lock Liu with “It’s time to get up”
Darya Zelentsova with “The proud pup and his best friend”